Learn more about us, our creation history, development and how to use our plugins.
The mission of WebGadgets is to provide easy to use plugins for web development based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

WebGadgets was created in 2016, firstly with the idea of creating plugins for personal or work projects and then we decided that we want to share them with you. Our plugins serve to ease the development of websites and applications. We as developers create plugins which are helpful to us and we hope they are useful to you either.

Mainly we are concetrated in creating common and popular plugins that can easily be added as a feature for the websites you are developing.
Finding a plugin that has all the options you need is a tedious job, finding them in one place seems impossible, but if you help us by giving us pointers and suggestions, this can happen.
We consider creating plugin kits that include many plugins for website-to-website use and updating them as the plugins get updated too.
In the long run we are going to create more complex and rare plugins.

WebGadgets and its plugins are supported and developed by a small team valuable contributors. We continue to realize our ideas even now. In the long run we are going to create more complex and rare plugins. You can use the materials in personal or commercial projects freely. You can adapt, rewrite and enhance them by your liking and preferences for your exact needs.
You can contribute by using our plugins and telling us about issues, bugs or send recommendations for enhancements. You can also send request for creating new ones.

You can contact us on [email protected]webgadgets.net