Newest Plugins

KWG Video Player
Custom HTML5 Video Player with Vanilla JavaScript
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Parallax Scrolling
Simple "parallax" scrolling effect
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Equal height elements
Ultra light plugin for equal height elements or columns
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Most Popular Plugins

Responsive Navigation Menu
Great and easy to use responsive and multi-level navigation menu
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Modal box
Easy to integrate jQuery responsive Modal box / Popup window
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Fixed Element
Make an element on your page always stay visible
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About The Project

WebGadgets is created by web developers for web developers. Through WebGadgets you can acquire large number of various and useful plugins for easing the process of web development. Mainly we are concetrated in creating common and popular plugins that can easily be added as a feature for the websites you are developing. The functionalities of our plugins are summarized with the purpose of concentrating on which is practical and frequently used. Every plugin can be rewritten and personalized according to your needs. Finding a plugin that has all the options you need is a tedious job, finding them in one place seems impossible, but if you help us by giving us pointers and suggestions, this can happen.

Our plugins are open-sourced and you can use them freely in commercial or personal projects.

You can learn more about this project from here.